New Festival Announced For Byron Bay

New Festival Announced For Byron Bay


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New Festival announced for Byron Bay

The first ever Taste of Love Festival featuring an international, national and local line up of presenters on the topics of sex, love and consciousness is scheduled to debut in Byron Bay on 19 Feb 2016.

Byron Bay, November 16, 2015: Building on the momentum created by the 'Sex & Consciousness Conferences' held in Byron Bay over the last 7 years, Byron locals Marion Ellyard and Russell Collins are joining forces to create something not done before in Australia.

They are bringing together the ingredients for an event that aims to appeal to a wide cross section of the community, including a range of presenters from around the world offering sessions exploring various aspects of sexuality, love, relating, consciousness, sacredness and a diverse range of related topics.

"This is a whole new approach to this work, where we are very mindful to balance the presentations around love, relating and conscious sexuality in a way that is meaningful and approachable for anyone, no matter their background or previous knowledge" Marion noted. "It is important to us that this event offers a safe and fun way for people to approach this material, especially within the constructs of their pre-existing relationships. This work is all about strengthening and deepening relationships."

Marion has organised various events in the local area previously, whereas Russell comes to the Taste of Love team having spent many years guiding travellers and pilgrims on sacred journeys through remote parts of the Himalayas. His expertise with groups and group therapy, as well as many years involved with Men's work and life coaching gives him a particular interest in men's issues and healthy masculinity in relating.

"It is very important to me that we use this festival as an opportunity to deepen the conversation around healthy masculinity in love, relating and sexuality, as well as how that looks in roles of responsibility." Russell added. "It is also important to us that we create an event that not only showcases the leading edge of the conscious relating and sexuality movement, but that also holds a safe space for everyone, regardless of gender identity and expression."

With their complementary understanding of relationship dynamics, they are enjoying the process of working together to create something unique and special for the region, and which meets the high standards they feel people have in the Northern Rivers.

"We feel that within society generally, and especially in this area, people are maturing, and have higher expectations for their relationships around love and sexuality. For example, people want to know how to be more ecstatic in their daily lives, how to be more connected to a larger sense of self and not just living small in the world. They want to be able to communicate openly and honestly about their deepest desires, and to be able to truly be themselves without fear or judgment. That's what 'Taste of Love' is about" Marion continued. "People also want to know how to be happy and fulfilled as individuals in long term relationships while maintaining their authenticity. They want to be able to integrate their sexuality and spirituality along side raising a loving family and dealing with the stresses of every day life."

Building on the momentum they are generating here in Byron, Marion and Russell have plans to take the festival interstate, as well as making it an annual fixture in the Byron Shire.
"We're really excited with the quality of presenters we are bringing into the shire. We've had a great response already, with good ticket sales." Russell concluded. "It's a feast for the senses offering a wide ranging sample of some of the best sex, love and consciousness presenters currently on the world stage."

Taste of Love Festival will feature well known such as Margot Anand, Yella and Samuel Cremer, internationally acclaimed authors and presenters, as well as local and national presenters whose work is highly regarded by peers and attendees alike.

The Festival commences Friday afternoon 19th Feb at the Byron Bay Community Centre going through to Sunday evening, with a full program of over 30 sessions in 3 streams to pick and choose from, as well as a Masquerade Ball on Saturday night that promises to be highly entertaining.

Tickets are currently on sale via their website, along with full details of the program and each of the presenters. Go to:


Marion Ellyard - organiser (more info)


Russell Collins (more info)