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Relax Coogee (meditation). Coogee Beach, Sydney, Australia

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Freedom Summit 2015


Inteview: Alfred Bellanti: Author and Clinical Hypnotherapist - September 2017

Interview: Faith Agugu, meditation and yoga practitioner (Relax Coogee) - April 2017

Interview: Russell Collins, Taste Of Love (19 to 21 February 2016) and Yak Trak

Interview: Marion Ellyard and Russell Collins, Taste Of Love (19 to 21 February 2016)

Greg Tingle, Media Man Int and Media Man Australia

Interview: Emma Barbato, Founder and Director, Emazon TV

Interview: Ally Thomas, tantra practitioner, coach and author

Interview: "Exotic" Adrian Street, wrestling legend, wrestling trainer, artist, entrepreneur and

Interview: Richard Branson - Chair, Virgin Enterprises Limited - 28th March 2008
(interview conducted by Mix106.5, pitch by Media Man Australia)

Interview with Sam Branson, environmentalist and activist

Interview: Angie Wilcock, High Hopes Educational Services - 26th June 2008

Interview: Kym Patricia Coon, Yoga Practitioner and Social and Community Entrepreneur - 20th April 2008

Interview: Charlotte Dodson, Yoga Practitioner - June 2008

Interview: Mardi Kendall, shiatsu massage practitioner and film producer

Ric Drasin, Bodybuilder, Wrestler, Actor & Self Defense Expert

Kym Jackson, Actor: 31st October 2004

Arina Manta, Miss Fitness Australia and Miss Figure Australasia - 25th January 2005

Interview: Jeff Fenech, Boxing Trainer & Legend - 8th January 2004

Dan Severn, Ultimate Fighter, Professional Wrestler and Full Contact Trainer - 10th June 2003

Interview: Dominic Bianco, Wrestling Legend: 3rd September 2004

Interview: Roni Askey-Doran, author : 3rd February 2005

Interview: Jennifer Angel, Speaker, Presenter, Trainer & Author

Mal Jago - General Manager: Coastalwatch Technologies: 29th May 2003

Olga Horak, Holocaust Survivor: 28th August 2003

Virgin Active Australia website

UFC Gym Australia (Sydney) website

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Beautiful Bulahdelah - Something for everyone, by Greg Tingle

Hope found in whale dreamtime, by Greg Tingle - October 2008

Eva Longoria holds red carpet charity event - 4th October 2015

GenerationOne ideas forum - 12th August 2010

Newton-John promotes wellness in Melbourne - 4th October 2015

One-legged Byron Bay surfer Mark 'Mono' Stewart wins world title - 28th September 2015

Remembering 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper (from The Oregonian archives) - 31st July 2015

What Arnold Schwarzenegger, Richard Branson, and Lee Iacocca can teach you about building a leaner, stronger, healthier body

Beach Breaks Carnival and NSW State Titles hit Maroubra

Heard It In The Alice, By Greg Tingle - 22nd May 2015

Bra Boys revive North Maroubra Boardriding club to get wayward youth off the streets and into the water, By James Taylor - 10th March 2015

Conscious Living Expo - Friday, August 21 - Sunday, August 23, 2015

Topless parade staged in New York - 24th August 2015

CEO SleepOut

Etihad Stadium in Australia to host UFC 193 - 20th August 2015

Ronda Rousey photos

NRL’s reliance on the wrestle could be solved by a return to the legs tackle - 19th August 2015

Steve Austin interviews Ric Drasin via PodcastOne - 9th September 2014

Mickey Rourke: Unrecognizable in a good way! - 8th August 2014

PS: Little joy as Malcolm Turnbull sends community television to the internet

Sydney Body Art Bike Ride - 9th February 2007

Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Scott Hall, and Diamond Dallas Page (Larry King Now) April 2015

‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper passes away - 31st July 2015

Rowdy Roddy Piper wrestles with a new foe: cancer

Dr John Demartini quotes

Joy's World - 7th July 2003

Jump on board, by Greg Tingle - August 2002

Muhammad Yunus- Banker to the Poor (documentary)

No Wrestling in Olympics Provides Huge PR Opportunity for WWE - Feb 2013

Virgin Blue goes black for Earth Hour, by Katherine Feeney - 30th March 2008

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