Newspapers vs Online Newspapers vs websites vs social media, YouTube et al

Newspapers vs Online Newspapers vs websites vs social media, YouTube et al, by Greg Tingle

Draft article in progress

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Sports Sports Betting Markets

Television Music Movies Hollywood WWE Wrestling Business Gaming Entertainment

Advertising Promotions

The Age The Sydney Morning Herald The Australian The Australian Financial Review

ABC The Daily Telegraph The New York Times

Reading the news. Watching the news. Real news vs Fake news. Television vs YouTube Channels.

News for entertainment. News for education.

Advertising in the news.

The business of news is a minefield these days.

If you didn't already know it, we are living in an age when news (hopefully real), as opposed to fake, can travel around the globe at the click of a button these days.

Every man and his dog might like to think themselves a journalist. An digital influencer. A photography. Yes, citizen journalism is a thing.

If your anything like the crew at Media Man Int and Media Man Australia, we like to secure our news from a number of sources. From street level, CEO's, coffee shops, AGMs, company leaks, confirm stories as we go et al.

Then you have the niche news sector: Sports news: i.e: MMA (UFC), Sports Entertainment aka Professional Wrestling (WWE, Impact Wrestling, New Japan Pro Wrestling)

Community News: Southern Courier, Wentworth Courier, The Manly Daily, Inner West Weekly...

R.I.P. Channel 31 aka Channel 58 and TVS Television Sydney

Surfing News: CoastalWatch, Swellnet, WSL...

Nature news: Australian Geography, National Geographic

Alt news that the term these days? Green Left Weekly VICE

Media News: Crickey, Online Opinion

Marketing News: Marketing Magazine, B&T, AdNews Australia, Campaign Brief, BrandChannel

Satiric news: Greun (formally knows as The Gruen Factor)

To be continued...


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