Scott Hall rehab: Jake Roberts explains why it didn't work

Scott Hall rehab: Jake Roberts explains why it didn't work - March 2013

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Scott Hall's rehab stints have never seemed to work. Jake "The Snake" Roberts knows something about rehab as well, an addict for almost two decades. Roberts explained to the PWTorch on March 5 why these rehab trips didn't help either of the former WWE superstars.

"The hard thing about rehab is we're not stupid. We know it's 'Don't drink, don't drug, go to meetings.' That's not what cures you, though. That's simple. It takes a lot more than that," Roberts explained. "When you come out of that rehab, you have to go back into that real world. The real world is full of people who don't want to see you succeed."

Roberts has found something that works better than rehab, and he finally helped convince Scott Hall to show up and try it as well. The two men are working with fellow former WWE superstar Diamond Dallas Page, who has set them up in his YOGA program.

Instead of just going to meetings and claiming they want to quit drinking, Page has the men working hard, giving them something they can replace the drinking with in their lives. It is not just about quitting drinking and doing drugs, it is about filling that new empty space with something more productive.

For Jake "The Snake" Roberts, it is about his legacy and ending his wrestling career on his own terms. For Scott Hall, it is about staying alive. Scott Hall said he was dying, and this is now about trying to learn how to live again.

"I'm so excited for Scott and so excited for me because I need Scott here. The reason being that there are a lot of things that happen in a junkie's or drunk's minds that don't happen in a normal human being's minds," Roberts said. "Him and I will have moments where there's a rough spot happening. There are still issues to work around. And he understands it."


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