The Indian Express online newspaper engaging in spam like push marketing via YouTube?

The Indian Express online newspaper engaging in spam like push marketing via YouTube?, by Greg Tingle - November 2017

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If it looks, smells and appears like spam - as in the internet variety, guess what - it's spam.

Indian based The Indian Express has come under the radar of numerous Australian based media companies for using spam like tactics in pushing news stories across the internet using popular social media channel YouTube.

When the computer user uses the YouTube instructions to not get the reminders from The Indian Express, the pop ups still happen.

Could this be the latest YouTube / Social media scandal to break in Australia?

A number of months ago Google and its advertising channels, as well as competitor Facebook were to be using inflated internet traffic numbers, a tactic all too common in the internet marketing and media landscape.

Should 'TIE' continue we will have to put WWE grappler 'The Modern Day Maharaja' Jindah Mahal on the case - just kidding, but we know you enjoy the pop culture references. Just maybe its human error or a "technical glitch' at The Indian Express, or maybe the effect of something more sinister.

India is one of the world's capitals for the not so popular tech business practice known as outsourcing. India is also known for its beautiful Indian curry's, which are also extremely popular in Australia.

Media Man will be following this developing news story and will be keeping the readership up to date with further details as they become available.

'The Modern Day Maharaja' Jindah Mahal (defeated by AJ Styles)


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