UFC returns to Australia this December

UFC returns to Australia this December - 21st Feb 2013

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The MMA giant, the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) has confirmed a return down under to Australia this December, with fierce lobbying already underway to have a world title match headline the event.

As disclosed by the Daily Telegraph this week, the UFC will take the embattled Australian boxing game head-on by scheduling a major card, most likely an FX event, just before Christmas.

Director of UFC Operations in Australia Tom Wright not only confirmed the rumour late last night, but said he would lobby for one of the company’s world champions to put their belt on the line. One of the champs likely will, as the UFC is aiming to build upon their already strong fan base in Australia.

Wright also confirmed planning was underway for a second Australian season of The Ultimate Fighter, to be broadcast on television in 2014.

Probed about the December card, Wright said: “We have an event scheduled, yes, but not a destination.

“Right now, Sydney is on the radar. So is Brisbane, maybe even Adelaide. We won’t know all the final details until about three months out, but I can assure you I’ll be lobbying for a world title fight.

“As it stands, I don’t think the event will be pay-per-view. It will most likely be on FX. And these events, as you know, have boasted some huge fights in recent times so a world title bout is what I’ll be pushing for.”

Wright confirmed UFC president Dana White was also interested for a second Australian instalment of the globally popular The Ultimate Fighter series – but hinted there could be a few twists to the original Bashes: Australia versus Great Britain theme.

“It may not be Australia against Britain and it may not necessarily be shot in Sydney, or even Australia,’’ he said. “We could be taking a group of Aussies overseas, there will be plenty of new surprises.”

Wright is currently meeting with politicians in both Victoria and Perth, where cage fighting is currently banned. While those state's governing bodies allow mixed martial arts, competition can only take place inside a boxing ring.

The UFC is also banned in New York, despite the U.S history having a long love affair with combat sports such as boxing, as well as "sports entertainment" (professional wrestling) such as WWE.

UFC events take place inside a steel cage, known as The Octagon, which company officials, coaches and fighters insist is safer than a standard ring.


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