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Crown Casino Bar Club 23: Shane Warne, Elizabeth Hurley and Tiger Woods Tomorrow Night, by Greg Tingle - 26th October 2011

Australian sporting icon and poker celebrity, Shane Warne, is hosting 50 odd close friends at his new Crown Casino bar Club 23 tomorrow night.

It is believed Shane's fiancee Elizabeth Hurley will attend, but the event is not being promoted as an engagement party.

The rumour mill says its a get together of Warne's family and friends will include Crown Limited top brass James Packer and his lovely wife, Erica.

Ms Hurley jetted into Australia on Monday morning with her son Damian.

Club 23, which Warnie part-owns with poker player and entrepreneur, Joe Hachem, opened on the quite last week. It will enjoy an official launch on November 7.

A few associates of Warne's may also attend, including golf and nightclub lover Tiger Woods.

The club is an initiative to try to keep ahead of the game, with Crown powers that be well aware that Sydney's The Star has been making a lot of noise in the media as of late.


Shane Warne...And Liz Hurley...

Warnie and Liz look to be in love, with each other and with Twitter. The spinner is hanging out for a game of poker or "poke her" with Liz, almost begging for Hurley Burley to come down under for a face to face. The couple have taken to Twitter like ducks to water. Warne and Hurley's developing romance is good fodder out for their almost half a million Twitter followers. They are now publicly planning her trip Down Under. The poker - fashion babe might be in Australia within weeks. Hurley has been tweeting about her new parrot, Ping Pong. "I'm getting jealous of ping pong! Think it's time you left ping pong alone for a while & come visit me in Australia," Warne tweeted. "No need for jealousy SW, she's not getting any cuddles or kisses!" Hurley replied. The model brunette is teaching the parrot to talk and Saints fan Warne has urged her to teach it the St Kilda club song. "Don't forget advance Australia fair !!!! In tune too please ping pong . . . Ps organized kangaroos and koalas for your trip," he wrote. The affair between the former spinner and the movie - poker babe went public in December and the pair were busted on a romantic weekend in LA earlier this month. Both have bounce back, and judging by the Tweets, can't wait to bounce, fly and play together. Is it an Aussie expression... a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush? Never mind. Tweet me at