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News: Online Advertising and Exposure Opportunity Now Available. The Media Man website network attracts approximately 5 million hits per month. Also ask about Virgin, 'Hottest On TV', Auto Babes, PR campaigns, travel and tourism publicity, and Ambush Marketing

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Real Estate - Property Listings online exposure via Media Man

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Media Man is an innovative media, public relations and publicity business.

MMA also offers a range of online advertising solutions.

In most cases campaigns run for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months, with an option to renew or discontinue.

Potential clients are also advised that we also offer traditional advertising solutions, utilizing our relationships with our existing associates, affiliates, sponsors and clients.

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Online advertising chases $300m - 20th May 2004

Free classified website aimed at Sydney communities - 9th February 2004

Google to offer free email in fight for web supremacy - 2nd April 2004

Ad Nauseam - February 2002

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Advertising Agencies - Why We Need Them, by Greg Tingle


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Media Man awarded most improved by Virgin Games