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CM Punk appearing at Comic Con - 25th June 2013

RVD talks WWE return - whose schedule is his similar to?, changes to his own attitude, more (w/Video)

WWE 2K14 debut trailer -- "Become Immortal" (Official) and 2K Unveils WWE® 2K14 Cover Art Featuring The Rock®

Tiger Mask Movie Trailer (Video)

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Celebrity Wife Swap: Ric Flair and Roddy Piper wives to appear

Celebrity Wife Swap on ABC (United States)

What the media has said about wrestling over the years, by Greg Tingle

Human Statue Bodyart does bodypainting, bodyart and costume designs for fanboys at Supanova pop culture expo, Sydney 2013 - 22nd June 2013

Supanova 2013: The Punisher (Marvel Comics icon), pop culture, AWF pro wrestling, Human Statue Bodyart and more

Fightin Fanboys: WWE

Fightin' Fanboys: WrestleMania 29 - 4th April 2013

RAMPAGE JACKSON: Rival MMA Deal After UFC - It's a dream come true

JR's hot BBQ sauce and WWE Shop a winner for Australian fans; Brings back fond wrestling memories, by Greg Tingle - May 2013

WWE partners with Yahoo! - 29th April 2013

John Cena injured on WWE European Tour according to WWE website - 28th April 2013

Kurt Angle talks about wrestling Brock Lesnar behind the scenes in WWE

Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies' Featuring Kurt Angle, Matt Hardy & More

Huge Payday For WrestleMania Workers - 21st April 2013

WWE Names Michael Pine Head of Global Sales & Partnership Marketing

Bruno Sammartino WWE 2013 Hall of Fame: Wrestling Observer Newsletter report

Bruno Sammartino and Triple H comment on WWE 2013 Hall of Fame induction - Feb 2013

Dwayne Johnson's cinematic new trailer for TNT's 'The Hero'

Dwayne Johnson Talks G.I. Joe, Teases Hercules and Fast 6 - March 2013

Bruno Sammartino and Triple H comment on WWE 2013 Hall of Fame induction - Feb 2013

IOC plays down wrestling axe after global uproar: Fans, sports world, public in shock - Feb 2013

International Olympic Committee drops wrestling for 2020 Olympic Games - Feb 2013

Ric Flair "The Nature Boy" and "Iron" Mike Tyson appearing in Las Vegas today - 2nd Feb 2013

Sylvester Stallone: Hulk Hogan - He killed me: Rocky III Hollywood movie

Wrestling with face paint, bodyart and human statues; Ultimate Warrior, Sting, Jeff Hardy, Lord Tensai and more

Movie, celebrity, entertainment and gaming news: James Bond, WWE, Wrestling...


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Movie, celebrity, entertainment and gaming news: James Bond, WWE, Wrestling...


Goldberg Responds To Ryback Proclaiming To Be A Better Wrestler And Athlete Than Him - 14th October 2012

Bill Goldberg addressed Ryback's critical remarks in WWE Magazine regarding comparisons between the two wrestlers via Twitter Sunday.

In the interview, Ryback proclaimed to be a better wrestler and athlete than Goldberg ever was. Goldberg, who played in the National Football League, particularly took issue with the WWE Superstar proclaiming himself as the better athlete.

"Better athlete? Come on dude wake up.....," Goldberg tweeted.

In a remark re-tweeted by Goldberg, former WCW colleague Scotty Riggs stated, "Take it as a complement that the kid is unsuccessfully trying to outshine you!!"

Former WCW announcer Mark Madden also noted earlier, "Ryback thinks he's superior to @Goldberg? Ryback is a Xerox of a Xerox. Goldberg was an organic phenomenon. We'll see how Ryback winds up."

Goldberg wrote "Case closed!" in response to the following remark: "Ryback is a better athlete than @Goldberg? I don't remember seeing Ryback play in the NFL. #ShowSomeRespect."

During the WWE Magazine interview, Ryback said comparisons between the two don't bother him, but that "people are misinformed."

"People see a big guy with a shaved head who's intense, and they draw those comparisons," Ryback stated. "I will say this: Goldberg did this for the money. He was never a fan of wrestling. I do this because I have a passion for it, and that's the biggest difference between Goldberg and me. I'm not here to make five million dollars and then walk away. I'm here for life. And, I firmly believe that I'm much better than he was in the ring. He was great, and I was a fan of his when I was younger. But, I feel I'm a better athlete and wrestler than Goldberg ever was, and people are going to see that over time."



WWE Live RAW Tour: Event Results From Sydney, Australia - 31st August 2012, by Greg Tingle

C.M Punk VS Daniel Bryan - Allphones Arena, Sydney, Australia

Pro wrestling WWE style - Sports Entertainment returns to Sydney, Australia...

WrestleMania (Australian style) returned to Sydney on Friday night and the show did not disappoint.

Pro wrestling fans young and old got their fix of WWE grapplers.

The WWE marketing and media machine can be attributed to what looked to be a 90 percent full Allphones Arena - making it a crowd of approximately 15,000. It's unclear how much of the crowd was papered (unpaid), but the smart money says it was fans who parted with their hard earned money.

A mixed crowd of both hardcore fans, casual fans and families, who were pretty vocal and hyped up for the show.

The show commenced with Brodus Clay VS Jack Swagger. Naomi was with Brodus, no Cameron. Swagger got some good heat, but Brodus got his hand raised quick. Entertaining and fun, but not a classic wrestling match - nor was it supposed to be. Kids just love Clay.

Next was the divas (ladies) match. WWE Divas Champion Layla defeated Rosa Mendes. We appreciated the effort of the ladies but its safe to say the WWE should raise the bar in the Diva's division. Maybe bring in a few Japanese lady pro wrestlers as well as snatch some of TNA Wrestling's best also. WWE have so much TV time to fill up, so ramp up the Diva's for the female and male fans in the WWE Universe.

WWE Tag Team Champions R-Truth and Kingston beat Primo and Epico in a solid match. R-Truth was on fire, both with in-ring skills and the mic, and 'Little Jimmy' was over big time with young and old.

The Miz defeated Alex Riley to retain the Intercontinental Championship. The Miz got strong heat. Nice mic work telling everyone he wasn't "awful", but "awesome". AR was surprisingly over. Maybe because he's a pretty strong worker and Australian fans are not overexposed to the WWE product (with live shows), like rather spoilt American fans. Lot's of Wooooo's! (for the chops), respecting Ric Flair, who most fans want to see return to his rightful home - WWE.

Zack Ryder defeated Tensai. Zack Ryder got a huge pop and Tensai got pretty decent heat and reactions. At least Tensai looks like a pro wrestling "monster" - he has the look and size, and moves well for a big man. Younger fans seem to be scared of Tensai and went nuts when Ryder got the win.

Santino defeated David Otunga. Decent heat for Otunga. Santino is over in Australia, but not as much as he is in the U.S. Keep WWE belts off both these guys... they don't need them. They worked the crowd fairly well and Santino is funny, but this was not a classic wrestling match - and it was never expected to be. Passable - just.

CM Punk defeated Daniel Bryan to retain the WWE Championship in an awesome match which went for almost 30 minutes. Stalling by both at first, but the crowd was pretty into it. Established characters can stall for ages with little fan backlash - the way the late Randy "Macho Man" Randy Savage and living legends Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair used to do. CM Punk worked as a face and was over big time. "Yes" chant all throughout the match as well. Tons of fan signs for both and lots of fans bought their t-shirts.

John Cena defeated The Big Show and John Laurinaitis in the main event. Decent match for these guys. After the match Laurinaitis attacked Cena with a chair, but Cena turned around and hit him with an attitude adjustment to finish the show.

Overall strong show - especially for an Australian WWE show, which were mixed in the past. We're giving it 8 out of 10 and it was value for money.

Strongest pops:

John Cena
CM Punk
Zack Ryder

Most heat:

The Miz
The Big Show
Jack Swagger

Match Of The Show:

C.M Punk VS Daniel Brian

Room for improvement: More strong WWE Divas, bring back Ric Flair urgently (1000s of fans did the Woooooo!), bring Ziggler and Randy Orton to the next Australian show, have 2 top line NXT talents on the next down under show. It would be nice to see Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan back with the WWE. Strong rumours Flair will be back within a month or two, so hopefully he makes the next Australian tour. Wooooo!



Entertainment news, WWE current and future legends, NWO, Hollywood, Australia, Sin City, Las Vegas, Olympics, gaming and more... - 30th July 2012

Kevin Nash teases NWO - New World Order return...

Kevin Nash, who was likely joking, teased an nWo reunion on his Twitter account recently, writing, "A lot of you wanted an NWO reunion,there will be one.As you know we only come in take over mode.Stay tuned!!!" The message was then re-tweeted by TNA Executive Eric Bischoff.
Nash later wrote, "Rock will never walk out of the Rumble with the belt we got Phils back... Sorry @CMPunk we got your back!!!!"

Nash also stated that Punk would be the leader and that the nWo army would be there "to protect the gold."

Wrestling legend Rey wants Pacquiao-Floyd in WWE ring...

During Rey Mysterio's tour stop in Manila, Philippines, Mysterio teased a mixed tag match with top boxing stars Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, Jr., who "competed" at WrestleMania 24 four years ago. “I love Manny. In fact, Manny, if you’re watching right now, I’m inviting you to join forces with Rey Mysterio in the WWE to take on “Money” (Floyd) Mayweather," Rey said on Manila TV, playing off Mayweather and Pacquiao unable to come together on a dream boxing fight. "I know you don’t need me to take him on but this is just a teaser: me and you versus him and Alberto Del Rio."

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin and 'Iron' Mike Tyson at WWE Summerslam weekend function...

WWE Hall of Famers "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Mike Tyson are scheduled to attend a Summerslam Weekend function in Los Angeles, according to WWE announcer Jim Ross. Ross wrote in his latest blog on "If you see me wandering around L.A. Summerslam weekend, I'm there for a major, THQ function at the Grammy Museum the night before the PPV. Among those scheduled to attend the private affair are @steveaustinBSR and @miketyson, among many others."

WWE Announcer Legend Jim Ross Blog Update...

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with his latest blog about Monday's 1,000th episode of RAW, here are just a few highlights:

RAW 1000: "Memorable week especially kicking it off with RAW1000 in St Louis. No guarantees that any of us will be around for RAW2000 so I particularly enjoyed my experiences Monday night.

"The reality of the matter is is highly unlikely, thanks Gorilla, that exact collection of performers will EVER be under the same roof again. I look back upon my attendance at RAW1000 as a privilege and am grateful to have had the opportunity to see so many old friends that have meant a great deal to me over my long career."

Inducting Mick Foley in the WWE Hall of Fame: "@RealMickFoley when asked who would induct him if/when Mick goes into the WWE HOF mentioned Terry Funk and yours truly. While I would love to honor Mick on that special occasion, there is no way that I would ever put myself in the same category with Terry Funk. Terry mentored Mick and treated Mick like a son. While I'd love to induct Mrs. Foley's Baby Boy into the WWE HOF, I think that Terry Funk is the best choice. However, I stand ready if called upon."

If CM Punk would reform the nWo: "A follower on @JRsBBQ on Twitter asked if I thought @CMPunk would reform the nWo. I have no idea if this topic is any thing more than speculation based on my friend Kevin Nash having some fun with the subject on Twitter. Bottom line is that I don't know but I would be surprised if Punk headed up a faction at this time because he seems to be such a solitary man. The only way that I see that ever happening at this stage of Punk's career is if he had complete control on who comprised the group."

Pro Wrestling giant Great Khali has tumor removed...

WWE wrestler Great Khali (Dalip Singh) had a tumor removed on Wednesday, which will put him out of action for 2-3 months. The tumor was on Khali's pituitary gland, which caused him to increase in height to over seven-feet-tall. However, if left untreated, the tumor could have been fatal, according to WWE's chief medical director, Dr. Joseph Maroon. It's the same issue that affected Andre the Giant. Surgery was performed at UPMC Presbyterian in Pittsburgh, Pa.

TNA Video: Funny or Die Olympic training featuring Kurt Angle and Rob Van Dam...

TNA stars Kurt Angle and Rob Van Dam are featured in Funny or Die video. The theme is Angle returning to the Olympics with RVD as his trainer. You can check out the video at

‘Squirrelly’ move puts U.S. wrestler on map...

LONDON — It began as a goof — two brothers horsing around, dreaming up exotic wrestling moves straight out of the Vince McMahon WWE handbook and trying them out on each other.

The move has since gone viral as a YouTube sensation, become a nickname and, before the 2012 London Games are over, it might become part of U.S. Olympic lore — a highlight burned into our minds forever.

Ellis Coleman and his older brother, Lillashawn, used to wrestle with each other at their high school outside of Chicago when they would dial up crazy moves to use on each other.

The best of them was called the “Flying Squirrel.’’ Ellis never forgot it, and now has turned it into a cottage industry for himself.

Coleman, at age 21 the youngest member of the six-man U.S. Olympic Greco-Roman wrestling team, has used the move about a dozen times in competition.

Perhaps the highest profile time he used it was in last year’s Junior World Championships to come back and beat his opponent in the semifinals. ESPN ranked the move third on its “Best of the Best Highlights’’ for 2011.

“It’s been crazy,’’ Coleman said yesterday. “Every time someone sees it, kids are reaching out to me on Facebook and Twitter asking me to show them the move.’’

In the words of Coleman, one of a host of athletes at these Olympic Games representing the New York Athletic Club, here’s how the move is executed: “You snap the opponent’s head down, leap over him and, as you land on your feet, you grab his waist, pull him over, pick him up and throw him down.’’

In Greco-Roman wrestling, the competitors get points for their various moves. Five points is the most you can get for one move. Coleman said he has used the move about a dozen times and usually gets at least three points for it.

He first unveiled it out of desperation in a match he was losing, stunned his opponent with it and went on to win it.

Coleman said he likes to use the move as an element of surprise and isn’t sure if he will use it in the Olympics.

“If I’m losing, though, you’ll definitely see it,’’ he said. “It’s a risky move. It’s a spur-of-the-moment thing. It’s so sudden you can’t stop it. I always pictured myself, even in the Olympic setting and losing in the finals match, third period with 15 seconds left, hitting the ‘Flying Squirrel’ and everyone going crazy. I still picture it.”

Though Coleman’s teammates chide him for the move, they also embrace his guts for using it.

“They should probably put him on medication for even trying that,” teammate Justin Lester said jokingly. “He’s crazy for doing it, but that’s what’s going to make him good in the long run. You’ve got guys like him who are innovative and aren’t afraid to wrestle.’’

“It’s definitely a move of desperation,’’ said Dremiel Byers, the elder statesman and heavyweight of the Greco-Roman team at age 37.

“It’s his wild card. It lets the opponent know he’ll do anything to win.’’

U.S. Wrestling Greco-Roman coach Steve Fraser said Coleman’s flash has “brought a lot of attention to wrestling and Greco. He’s talented, hungry and young … and a pleasure to work with. He’s a very coachable kid. We love him.”

The “Flying Squirrel’’ craze reached such a pitch that Coleman recently bought himself a live flying squirrel pet and named him Rocky, who is about 45 days old and eats lot of apples and seeds.

“They bond with their owners,’’ Coleman said. “He sleeps during the day and is very nocturnal, so I’ll take him out of his cage and he’ll crawl on me and fly to the curtains. Eventually, when he bonds with me, I’ll be able to take him out in my pocket and he’ll stay there without flying away.’’

Coleman dreams of flying away from these Olympics with some hardware. Something gold, perhaps. (The New York Post)

First Second unveils André the Giant comic...

First Second has confirmed its André the Giant biography.

Cartoonist Box Brown is working on the book charting the life of the professional wrestler and actor, reports ICv2.

André Roussimoff was a star and one-time champion of the World Wrestling Federation (now WWE).

He is also known for his role in cult classic movie The Princess Bride.

Roussimoff has the condition acromegaly, which saw him grow to 7'4" in height. He died of heart failure in 1993 at the age of 46.

Box is the author of Xeric grant-funded graphic novel Love Is a Peculiar Type of Thing.

The untitled André the Giant biography is scheduled for release in 2014. (Digital Spy)


Wrestling News

Wrestling Legend "Rowdy" Roddy Piper In Fancypants Movie

The Four Horsemen Including Ric Flair To Be Inducted Into WWE Hall Of Fame 2012; Jim Ross Tweets - 27th Feb 2012

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Continues His Journey Towards WrestleMania Match With John Cena

What the media has said about wrestling over the years


Supanova Pop Culture Expo Hits Sydney, Australia - 16th June 2012

The Supanova pop culture expo has returned to Sydney, Australia, and has warmly embraced the pop culture phenom which is taking place at Olympic Park, Homebush, in Sydney's west.

It's a 3 day pop culture mania bringing together fans, actors, game players, information and tons of merchandise and collectibles. Make no mistake - this is big business, but also lots of fun. It brings out the kid lurking inside all of us, no matter what our age.

Witnessing the general public dress up as their favourite hero, heroine or monster was just as much fun as the official exhibitions.

Coming to the expo to join in the fun (and big business) are over 40 international stars from various shows, films, franchises and worlds including Christopher Lloyd (Back To The Future’s Doc Brown), Yvonne Craig (the original Batgirl), Natalia Tena (Nymphadora Tonks in the Harry Potter series, Osha in Game Of Thrones) and Verne Troyer (Mini-Me from the Austin Powers films).

Even our favorite real life superheroes of Australian pro wrestling - AWF Wrestling turned up and put on some very solid chain wrestling and brawling to the delight of the crowd. The wrestlers were also a big favorite with the media and the brawlers got somewhat crowd mobbed with famed actor Verne Troyer (Mini-Me) from 'Austin Powers' fame joining in the fun and games.

The Christopher Lloyd question and answer session was very entertaining and educational, and was a much sought after attraction for both news media and fans. Lloyd shared stories from his illustrious acting and show business career, much of which has been pop culture included such as 'Back To The Future' franchise, where he portrayed Dr. Emmett Brown. Lloyd even talked about the cult film fav 'Suburban Commando', which also featured pro wrestling living legend, Hulk Hogan (not known for great acting), but a very entertaining showman, none the less. Lloyd told the crowd of 500 plus that he enjoyed working with Hulk and that he was a really nice guy and didn't pretend to be a great actor. One lucky fan asked Lloyd if he could have a "high five", and the actor obliged, which got a nice reaction from the jam packed crowd.

More news...

Buffy Star also at Supanova Sydney...

Star of Buffy, Mercedes McNab, has come Down Under for Supernova and is loving it.

The blonde is in Sydney for the Supanova Pop Culture Expo at Sydney Showground, Olympic Park.

Best known for playing mean girl Harmony Kendall on 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer', McNab has enjoyed a successful career as a modern day scream queen.

From the popular Hatchet horror movie franchise to spooky shows such as Buffy and Angel, the 32-year-old says she has come to feel comfortable within the genre and loves "a good death scene".

"It’s hilarious. I never thought I’d be considered a scream queen, but I guess I’ll take it.

"I think I gravitate more towards comedy and comedy can sometimes be in a darker vein, like sarcasm."

The edgy stuff started early for McNab, with her big screen debut opposite Christina Ricci's Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family movie and its sequel.

At the age of 16 she auditioned for a supporting role on Joss Whedon's Buffy The Vampire Slayer, a move that would change her life.

"We were on a brand new network and the show was based off a B-movie," she says.

"No one expected a spin-off to come of it or such a great fan reaction. No one could anticipate how welcomed and received the show was.

"In the beginning we never knew whether if we were going to get killed off.

"You’d get the script and skip to the end to make sure you weren’t going to die."

McNab experienced quite a character turn on Buffy when her superficial character was transformed into a vampire and eventually went on to join the spin-off series Angel.

"I was flattered".

"To have Joss call you and have him ask you to be a part of anything he does is pretty awesome."

Now that Whedon has found mainstream and box-office success with the hit of the year - 'The Avengers' - McNab says his loyal friends couldn't be happier.

"He’s such a genius. He's just proved to the industry what he can do."

Supanova Pop Culture Expo is on today and Sunday at Sydney Showground, Olympic Park.


Our Hero is no longer Expendable. Eric Roberts is “The Master” of Supanova!

In a career spanning five decades, Eric Roberts has become recognisable to millions of film and TV fans. He has appeared in almost 200 movies and in countless TV shows including Heroes, The Drew Carey Show, Frasier, Oz, Touched By An Angel, Law & Order: SVU and even in a Doctor Who telemovie as the Doctor’s nemesis, The Master.

He has filmed in over 17 countries, including Australia (in The Coca-Cola Kid), and received critical acclaim for his performances in Star 80, It’s My Party and Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood. In 2008, Eric joined the cast of Batman: The Dark Knight as Gotham gangster Sal Marone; in 2010 he appeared alongside Stallone, Lundgren, Statham and Li in The Expendables.

Fans of comics and animation know him as the voice of Mongul in the Justice League cartoons. He’s such a familiar face that he has appeared as himself in 63 productions, often making light of his notoriously chequered movie-star lifestyle. Brother to Julia Roberts and father of teen actress Emma Roberts, Eric is a true Hollywood veteran.

He’s therefore also the perfect guest to kick off festivities for Supanova’s TENTH ANNIVERSARY at the Sydney expo, in addition to the Perth expo the following weekend, with an exclusive Q&A and special appearance at each of our Friday evening Preview Nights which are exclusively for full weekend ticket holders (SUPA FAN PASS), in helping us celebrate a decade of successful Supanova Expos; something we couldn’t have done without your wonderful support.

Eric will then spend the weekends meeting fans, signing autographs and posing for studio portraits. (Supernova)

Nintendo Flies High at Supanova with Kid Icarus: Uprising!...

If you’re heading to Supanova this weekend, Nintendo are hosting a Kid Icarus: Uprising Multiplayer Battle Challenge! Bring along your Nintendo 3DS and copy of Kid Icarus as it’s the perfect opportunity to StreetPass with other Nintendo 3DS owners and enjoy some friendly multiplayer fun with the Nintendo community.

Nintendo 3DS consoles and Kid Icarus: Uprising games will also be available to use on the day so everyone is welcome to join in the fun!

Exclusive Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Cards only available at this event will be a special bonus for those who play. These AR cards are very exclusive and availability is strictly limited so please ensure you are there early to ensure you get your hands on one.

Some 25 years after the original Kid Icarus game for NES captured the hearts and imaginations of gamers worldwide, Kid Icarus: Uprising brings the action and adventure of this beloved series to new heights – and new visual dimensions – on the Nintendo 3DS system. The dark goddess Medusa and her Underworld Army have returned, and they’ve got their sights set on the heroic angel Pit. With the aid of Palutena, goddess of light and guardian of the human race, Pit must fend off this malevolent threat. The richly immersive graphics of the Nintendo 3DS system offer incredible depth as Pit battles enemies by air and by land. (Supernova)

Special guests appearing at Supernova Sydney and Perth include:

Jeffrey ‘Chamba’ Cruz
Street Fighter II: Turbo, Udon Comics,

Stanislav Ianevski
Viktor Krum in Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire

Bevan McGuinness
Slave of Sondelle

Jim Cheung
Scion, New Avengers, Avengers: The Childrens Crusade

Suzie Plakson
Lt. Selar, K'Ehleyr, the Female Q, Tarah, in TNG, Voyager and Enterprise

David Mack
Artist on Kabuki, Daredevil, Avengers

Andrew Constant
Author of Torn.

Wolfgang Bylsma
Gestalt Comics

Juliet Marillier
Author of the 'Seven waters' trilogy.

Yvonne Craig
Batgirl in the 60's Batman Series, Orion Slave girl 'Marta' in Star trek

John Viener
Family Guy, The Cleveland Show.

Garth Nix
Author of Sabriel, Lirael and Abhorsen.

Artists Alley promo...

Supanova is all about supporting the local industry and providing a spotlight for the local comic creators. That spotlight is Artists Alley; the place where the fans can meet the creators and explore worlds they may never have known existed before. Whether its a 25 page self-printed black and white comic, or a full color, fully bound graphic novel, or even stunning computer art prints, you’ll find something to astonish in Artists Alley.

The artists are approachable and always willing to give constructive feedback on artwork. As such, Artists Alley can be a fantastic tool for the emerging artist to improve their skills or make new connections and possibly take their first leap into the professional industry! (Supernova)

Special thanks...

Thank you to all involved in the promotion and success of Supernova. We look forward to seeing you all out there again tomorrow. As Marvel Comics living legend Stan Lee says, Excelsior!


Supernova Pop Culture Expo

AWE Wrestling

Media Man Int


Hulk Hogan Pro Wrestling God Tours Casinos; Sports Entertainment News Update, by Greg Tingle - 23rd January 2012

From Bondi Beach, Australia to Japan, Canada, the USA - most of the world knows of Hulk Hogan.

Who can forget the Hulk-A-Mania Australian tour from a few years ago where he feuded with long time rival Ric Flair, and how about the wrestling angle at the then Star City Casino (now The Star), where it appeared at first that Hogan and Flair went at it for real when Flair implied he "had" Hogan's wife "Jennifer", before Hulk did! Now, that would start a fight and boy did the blood flow. The action was so hot that Seven News decided to purchase the video camera footage from the Media Man agency for a considerable sum.

The red did turn to green, as the old wrestling kayfabe saying goes, but not anywhere near as much as the Australian promoter or Hogan would have preferred.

The arena numbers in Australia were on the downside so much that it was largely responsible for TNA Wrestling deciding not to to ahead with an Australian tour.

The only American (or actually global) pro wrestling - sports entertainment company that he since graced Australian shores is the one and only WWE, headed up by promoter genius Vince McMahon. Once in a while Hogan teases a return to the WWE, and the two do have some line of communication. Take note that McMahon has old Hogan rival Flair getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame again (with the other 3 Four Horseman members) the night before WrestleMania, so anything can and does still happen in the WWE. Read up on other recent Media Man WWE news for more on that matter.

This writer would like to see Hogan and Flair both become official WWE spokespersons at some point, but if its to be - they need to make the move soon. Father time is ticking away.
Pro wrestling cousin of sorts, UFC from the MMA world is about to hit Sydney, Australia for a third time, but it ain't wrestling. Note, Brock Lensnar from the UFC and pro wrestling world, has left the UFC recently suffering a loss at the hands of Alistair Overeem at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, USA.

Hardcore pro wrestling fans of the WWF and ECK ilk will likely know this bit of trivia. It was Lesnar that "injured" Hogan's back in 2002 which was the official reason that The Hulk didn't visit down under back then. The back story is that Hogan and McMahon couldn't come to business terms. What's left to say but that's the pro wrestling industry.

Wrestling icon Hulk Hogan was at Speaking Rock Casino and Entertainment Center last week.
Hogan was there for the Micro Championship Wrestling event held at the venue.

Hogan was accompanied by the Nasty Boys, Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags, as well as Ed Leslie, better known as Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake, the former WWF Tag Team Champion (having held the title with wrestling legend Greg "The Hammer" Valentine).

Micro Championship Wrestling has a show promoted by Hogan on TruTV. The show, which screens as midget wrestling which has been up and running since August. Note we called them midgets, not dwarfs, so haters lay off ok. Some of the wrestlers also like to be called "little people". Whatever, they are full of excitement, talent and fun, and don't mind sharing it with the world.

Australia's Foxtel doesn't currently get TruTV, so we can't enjoy Hogan's midget wrestling show on the box at this stage, but we're hopeful time will change that. Foxtel is going to soon get a new Factual channel, so there's hope yet wrestling fans.

Hogan is the most recognisable figure in the history of professional wrestling from his success in the business since the 1980s. Hogan's also had many of movies and a host of other high profile shows and projects. Hogan's star power even eclipsed "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Gorgeous George (Wagner) and Bruno Sammartino (for you old school wrestling fans out there).

Hogan enjoyed high level feuds with the likes of Andre the Giant, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, Paul "Mr Wonderful" Orndorff, King Kong Bundy, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, "The Magnificent" Don Muraco, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and "Macho Man" Randy Savage.

On the big screen Hogan has starred in "No Holds Barred," "Suburban Commando" and "Mr. Nanny." He has also made appearances in Rocky III and Walker, Texas Ranger. One can argue that current WWE superstars, John Cena, "The Rock" and Steve Austin took off where Hogan finished as far as mixing wrestling and movies. Roddy Piper is widely regarded as the most talented actor that pro wrestling ever produced. From time to time Piper does his famous "Pipers Pit" talk show segment for the WWE as well as helping out a few other smaller wrestling promotions.

Hogan even had his own reality TV show called "Hogan Knows Best.", and it wasn't long before daughter Brooke, did her own "Brooke Knows Best" show.

Hogan became a household name while in Vince McMahon's World Wrestling Federation (WWF), now known as WWE, which enjoyed a live event in Las Cruces, New Mexico on Sunday at the Pan American Centre.

He is currently signed to the Impact Wrestling - Total Nonstop Action wrestling promotion and has a range of business projects on the go including in the TV, gaming, casino and internet b2b sectors.

Recently, Hogan has made headlines on celebrity websites for his divorce, his son Nick's car crash, daughter Brooke's music career and the pending removal of his world famous moustache (to satisfy some Hollywood movie producers).


Ric Flair is almost as famous as long time rival Hulk Hogan, who along with Flair is currently under contract to Impact Wrestling. Most would argue that Flair is one of the greatest pro wrestlers in history, while Hogan has earned more income from wrestling and wrestling related activities than just about anyone else.

* The writer has a b2b agreement with the WWE (WWE Shop)

* Wrestling legend Andre The Giant gets online slot game via Richard Branson's Virgin Casino.

* Hogan recently released his Kinnect-based "Hulk Hogan's Main Event" game which got mixed reviews from the gaming industry. The game promo goes "Get pumped and bring the pain in the first full-body wrestling game on Kinect for Xbox 360! In Hulk Hogan’s Main Event Hulkamaniacs can train with wrestling icon Hulk Hogan himself. As your mentor, Hulk will help you build your own wrestling personality and school you in the art of showmanship to win over the crowd. Entertain roaring fans with brutal stunts, combos, even devastating chair hits, that will knock your opponent to the mat or out of the ring. The crazier and wilder your motions, the more high impact your wrestling performance is in your living room ring!"

* Hulk Hogan is also tipped to be soon getting his own online slot game. His Hulk-A-Mania game is being developed by Endemol Games. Endemol is the company behind the famous Big Brother franchise, so you know they know about marketing and publicity. The Media Man agency is tipped to soon come to business terms with Endemol.

Wrestling News Media: WWE Australian Tour; International Hulk Hogan, Austin and Piper News, by Greg Tingle

Professional wrestling aka "sports entertainment" continues to be a red hot commodity in both Australian and overseas markets.

The United States may be the birthplace of pro wrestling but Australians have long been recognised as some of the most passionate fans on the planet, dating back to the good old days of the original World Championship Wrestling which was broadcast on Kerry Packer's Channel Nine circa 1970 - 78.

Early on into 2012 and pro wrestling appears to be heading towards another golden era in pro wrestling with more focus been giving to wrestler's with tremendous athletic gifts such as CM Punk, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho and the soon (likely) to be returning, Brock Lesnar.

Sydney, Australia, will soon once again be host to the WWE Live Tour, as the gentle giants tour down under, also doing Melbourne and most other capital cities, promoted by Melbourne based Dainty Entertainment. The WWE Tour is set to hit Australia on the 30th August 2012.

Not to be outdone, UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) is set to return to Sydney via All Phones Arena on 3rd March 2012, but sadly Brock Lesnar will not be going there, having recently retired from UFC - MMA compeition, following his loss against Alistair Overeem.

This development of course may be WWE's gain, aiming to secure Lesnar for their yearly showcase event - WrestleMania.

WWE RAW World Tour 2012, Australia details...

Presented by: Dainty Group

WWE's unique brand of action packed entertainment is returning to Australia with WWE RAW. Fans will be able to see all their favourite WWE Superstars including John Cena®, Alberto Del Rio®, CM Punk®, The Miz® and many more*.

*Card subject to change

WHEN: In Brisbane from 19.30, Thursday, August 30th
In Sydney from 19.30, Friday, August 31st
In Melbourne from 19.30, Saturday September 1st


Live from the Brisbane Entertainment Centre
Live from the Sydney AllPhones Arena
Live from the Melbourne Rod Laver Arena

Tickets go on sale on Thursday, December 8th at 9am and can be purchased at:
Charge by Phone: 132 849

* Card subject to change

Thu 30 Aug - Brisbane Entertainment Centre
Fri 31 Aug - Allphones Arena, Sydney
Sat 1 Sep - Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne

Let's bodyslam ourselves into what's news on some of the world's hottest pro wrestlers...

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin - 'STONE COLD' STEVE AUSTIN Tebow Can HAVE My 3:16 If ...

Before there was Tebow 3:16 in the NFL ... there was Austin 3:16 in the WWE ... and now the wrestling legend says he's willing to surrender his iconic numbers to the NFL star, pending one GIANT condition.

TMZ spoke with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin -- who tells us he watched Tebow's Mile High Miracle this weekend and was blown away when he learned Tim threw for exactly 316 yards in the playoff victory.

FYI -- the numbers have a special meaning with Stone Cold, who created the famous faux bible verse back in the '90s to humiliate his enemies -- "Austin 3:16 says I just whooped your ass!!!"

Now, Austin tells us, "Austin 3:16 still rules" ... but adds, "If Tebow can throw for 316 yards again this weekend then hell, he can have the numbers and I'll have no problem with it."

Austin continues, "A guy named John was using it before me ... so if Tebow can do it again, more power to him!"

"I wish him all the luck in the world," Austin says ... adding, "I'm not a Denver fan but Tim's a great role model for kids." (Credit: TMZ)

Hulk Hogan...

Hulk Hogan to shave off his iconic moustache...

Hulk Hogan is going to shave off his iconic moustache.

The wrestling legend has revealed he is planning to take a razor to his famous facial hair and long hair in the coming weeks for some movie auditions.

Hulk - who has starred in several films, including 'Rocky III' and 'Suburban Commando' - said: "I'm getting ready to go to some auditions; I'm getting ready to shave my head and moustache so that should be scary!"

The TNA Wrestling star has also revealed he had to have a "hole drilled" into his head to clear an infection in his mouth.

The 58-year-old grappler underwent surgery in October to get dental implants and then after having a teeth mold fitted he got an infection which wouldn't clear up which was revealed to have been caused by a metal tack left in his mouth by a dentist.

He told "The theme for today is kids take care of your teeth, because if you stuff candy in your mouth you're going to rot your teeth out.

"After many years of not taking care of teeth correctly I had to finally have surgery and a couple of glitches in the system and we got an infection.

"I had surgery and they drilled a hole in my head - which I needed to let all the hot air out - cleaned everything up so I'm good to go. But it feels like somebody punched me in the face."

Over the course of his five decade spanning career, Hulk has only been seen a handful of times without his moustache in the ring and on screen.

It is not yet known if the 12-time world heavyweight champion will recover in time to join the rest of the TNA roster for the Maximum IMPACT Tour of the UK later this month.

The tour kicks off on Thursday, Jan. 26 at the Nottingham Capital FM Arena before heading to the Manchester MEN Arena.

The company's flagship TV show 'IMPACT Wrestling' - which is broadcast on Challenge TV in the U.K. and Ireland and Spike TV in Canada and the U.S. - will then be filmed for the first time outside of the U.S. at London's Wembley Arena on Jan. 28.

The tour will feature a host wrestling's biggest names, including Kurt Angle and AJ Styles and will also be the last ever appearance made in the UK by grappling icon Sting.

Hulk Hogan Surgery Scare - Metal Tack Removed, Will Shave Off Iconic Mustache?...

Hulk Hogan is going to shave off his iconic mustache.

The wrestling legend has revealed he is planning to take a razor to his famous facial hair and long hair in the coming weeks for some movie auditions.

Hulk – who has starred in several films, including 'Rocky III' and 'Suburban Commando' – said: "I'm getting ready to go to some auditions; I'm getting ready to shave my head and mustache so that should be scary!"

The TNA Wrestling star has also revealed he had to have a "hole drilled" into his head to clear an infection in his mouth.

The 58-year-old grappler underwent surgery in October to get dental implants and then after having a teeth mold fitted he got an infection which wouldn't clear up which was revealed to have been caused by a metal tack left in his mouth by a dentist.

He told "The theme for today is kids take care of your teeth, because if you stuff candy in your mouth you're going to rot your teeth out.

"After many years of not taking care of teeth correctly I had to finally have surgery and a couple of glitches in the system and we got an infection.

"I had surgery and they drilled a hole in my head - which I needed to let all the hot air out - cleaned everything up so I'm good to go. But it feels like somebody punched me in the face."

Over the course of his five decade spanning career, Hulk has only been seen a handful of times without his moustache in the ring and on screen.

It is not yet known if the 12-time world heavyweight champion will recover in time to join the rest of the TNA roster for the Maximum IMPACT Tour of the UK later this month.

The tour kicks off on Thursday January 26 at the Nottingham Capital FM Arena before heading to the Manchester MEN Arena.

The company's flagship TV show 'IMPACT Wrestling' – which is broadcast on Challenge TV in the UK and Ireland and Spike TV in the US - will then be filmed for the first time outside of the US at London's Wembley Arena on January 28.

The tour will feature a host wrestling's biggest names, including Kurt Angle and AJ Styles and will also be the last ever appearance made in the UK by grappling icon Sting.

"Rowdy" Roddy Piper...

Wrestling Legend “Rowdy” Roddy Piper Reveals One Last Match...

Professional wrestling legend, and star of the cult horror classic movie by John Carpenter "They Live", Roddy Piper announced on his Twitter that he expects to wrestle one last match. A fan asked Piper about the possibility of having a final match and Piper responded, via the social networking site, "I have not been asked to be in Royal Rumble. I tell u a secret, promise to keep it? I am going to do 1 more balls to wall match!"

Andre The Giant (the late) - set to appear in an online slot game at Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment - PartyCasino. The game was developed by North Sydney based NextGen Gaming. You can trust the Media Man and Wrestling News Media network to keep following up the story.

WWE producing "Legends House"...

WWE continues to develope a slew of new content for the launch of their upcoming 24/7 channel, WWE Network. "Legends House" is set to be a part of the launch as a reality series focusing on WWE legends living together in the a house. WWE has promoted the show and the new network via WWE RAW on the USA Network.

The concept of the show is expected to be similar to traditional reality set-up like MTV's "Real World" and CBS's "Big Brother", yet with larger-than-life personalities of WWE peformers it will be must-see TV for any wrestling fan, as well as for fans of the reality TV genre.

No legendary stars have been confirmed for the series yet, but there's plenty of speculation.
The very controversial and foul mouthed Iron Sheik is rumored to a part of the cast. On social media many fans have chatted about what legends they would want to see on "Legends House." Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Roddy Piper, Jimmy Hart, and Dusty Rhodes were among some of the names being tossed around between fans on Twitter and Facebook. We're hoping Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka, Sgt Slaughter, Billy "Superstar" Graham, Don "Magnificent" Muraco, Paul "Mr Wonderful" Orndorff, "Cowboy" Bob Orton, and Dusty "The American" Dream also get serious consideration. A similar pitch was made to Media Man three years ago, however at the time a number of financial related aspects slowed concept to reality. This time around the project looks to be moving full speed ahead and the Media Man agency will be offering strong media coverage should the project keep moving forward. For the record, we think its going to cross the finish line and put a nice little pay cheque in a few people's pockets. Let's hope the legends are looked after fairly for all their blood, sweat and tears they put out over the years.

The Late News...

Shaquille O’Neal Close to WWE WrestleMania Deal?; Latest on Brock Lesnar’s Return...

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Shaquille "Shaq" O’Neal has reportedly been closing in on his WWE WrestleMania deal, and he may have already agreed to business terms.

WWE creative has been told to start thinking about weaving O’Neal into storylines - likely for a match with The Big Show (Paul Wight).

Due to its John Cena vs. The Rock main-event, WrestleMania 28 is a strong contender to set the all-time buyrate record, and WWE is striving to do everything it can to push the interest and buy rates to the moon. Adding Shaquille O’Neal into the equation, especially with Shaq should help further the event’s must see statue as WWE’s biggest WrestleMania of all-time.

Regarding a Brock Lesnar return, no one has been provided any reason to expect it will happen at this year’s WrestleMania, but it might just happen. WWE top brass Vince McMahon reportedly told at least one creative staff member that it is not a foregone conclusion a Lesnar return would include the return of Paul Heyman as his manager.

Recently returned WWE Superstar, Chris Jericho, for what its worth, has been having little verbal jabs at Lesnar, so we will have to see if that develops into something more.

In any event, this years WrestleMania should be awesome.

For recent updates on pro wrestling keep checking the Wrestling News Media web blog along with the website of our friends over at


Wrestling News Media: WWE, Kevin Nash, Vince McMahon, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Mick Foley, Andre The Giant, Steve Austin, The Rock, John Cena, UFC - 7th November 2011

Kevin Nash aka 'Diesel' returns to WWE Raw on Monday's episode from the United Kingdon. Nash is scheduled to resume his feud with an "injured" Triple H as part of the build-up to an expected singles match in the near future. Plus, more build-up for The Rock & John Cena teaming up at Survivor Series. Nash continues to run his official website, sporting gaming in the mix, but his site could do with a major update, not that ours is perfect either. Great to see Nash become relevant again and Triple H should bring out the best in him, but don't expect a Shawn Michaels 5 star classic.

WWE TV Network News Update...

During WWE's quarterly conference call with investors this past Thursday, WWE CEO Vince McMahon had some harsh words about talk show host Oprah's cable TV network and contrasted the Oprah model with WWE Network plans, which McMahon was very optimistic about during the conference call.

"I would say I suppose the one of the notorious ones (branded TV Network models) would be the Oprah Network, which is a miserable failure on all accounts because you have a brand like Oprah and it does take a genius to figure out that, 'Okay, why don’t we have Oprah do what she does best in our very own network,' and that's the one thing that doesn't happen," McMahon said. "So, in terms of the introduction of a network theory, you're saying, 'Okay, let's take Oprah, but let’s don’t use, let’s not whatever we do, we don’t use her and what she does best. Let’s just try and take an Oprah name and try and brand that in a big round about way,' which obviously from a common sense standpoint, it doesn't make sense... We know what our WWE attributes are. So, we have the opportunity to enhance all of that and bring further viewers, lapse viewers, and as well as current viewers and new viewers from a younger age set of two to 11 into the network, which will be extraordinary, because we are giving the audience what they want, not what they don't want."

Mick Foley WWE Return...

Mick Foley returned to WWE at Wednesday's Raw house show in Dublin, Ireland, which started WWE's bi-annual European Tour. Foley, who has hinted at a WWE return for several weeks, is in the U.K. for his own promotional tour.

Piper campaigning for Piper's Pit with Rock & Cena...

WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Piper has taken to Twitter to campaign for a Piper's Pit segment with The Rock and John Cena prior to their tag team match at Survivor Series.


Ric Flair staying put in TNA; Interesting in more business deals...

For the meantime Flair will be staying in Impact Wrestling (formally known as TNA). Flair continues to endorse Carolina's Education Lottery, and is keen to see a Ric Flair online slot game become a reality, following in the footsteps of Hulk Hogan and the late Andre The Giant, both expected to have their slots online in a number of months.

WrestleMania 28 press release; Rock vs. Cena...

STAMFORD, Conn., November 2, 2011– WWE® announced today that tickets for its annual pop culture extravaganza, WrestleMania XXVIII, will go on sale this Saturday, November 5 at 10 AM ET. WrestleMania XXVIII will take place Sunday, April 1, 2012 at the Sun Life Stadium in Miami, FL. The event will be headlined by the highly anticipated main event featuring “the most electrifying man in all of entertainment,” The Rock® against WWE Superstar John Cena®.

Ticket prices range from $25-$850. There will also be a limited number of “Gold Circle” VIP Packages available for $1,500. The Gold Circle packages include seating in the first four rows ringside, an exclusive Gold Circle VIP Stadium Entrance, a collectible WrestleMania XXVIII ticket holder and the commemorative WrestleMania XXVIII take-home folding chair. Tickets can be purchased through all Ticketmaster outlets, or by calling 1-800-745-3000. All tickets are subject to service charges and facility fees.

Last year, a capacity crowd of 71,617 fans from all 50 states and 30 countries attended WrestleMania XXVII at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, GA. WrestleMania is more than just a one day event, it’s a week long celebration, as WWE will be taking over the greater Miami area during WrestleMania Week. In addition to WrestleMania XXVIII, other activities will include: WrestleMania Axxess – WWE’s four day interactive fan festival; WrestleMania Reading Challenge Finals; WrestleMania Pro-Am Golf Tournament and the 2012 WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. Additional information on these events will be announced in the future at

Sylvester Stallone speaks to Entertainment Tonight about his Steve Austin injury during 'The Expendables'...

Entertainment Tonight's Nancy O'Dell (one-time WWE Raw guest host) caught up with Sylvester Stallone on-set at his new movie, "Bullet to the Head," to discuss the film's progression before an April 2012 scheduled release date. Stallone noted he's still feeling the effects of neck surgery that was required after he suffered an injury at the hands of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin shooting "The Expendables" last year. Austin was required to tackle Stallone, who accidentally landed on a pile of bricks. Stallone said, "It's never really the same. "You're just able to function a little bit better."

Hogan and Diamond Dallas Page starring in new movie...

Hulk Hogan and Diamond Dallas Page are scheduled to be featured in an upcoming movie, "Black River," that is currently in production. According to a synopsis released by filmmakers Corn Bred films, the movie centers around several murders, a local town secret, and a father who lost his son and whose life "rapidly deteriorates into a storm of violence, murder, and small town intrigue."

UFC 138 Gets Fox Sports...

After more than a devade of working his arse off and telling anyone who would listen that mixed martial arts would one day surpass soccer as the world’s most popular sport, UFC president Dana White has finally gotten to the super big time in the sports media world.

The UFC, the major league of MMA, will debut on network television on Saturday when Fox Sports airs the heavyweight title bout between champion Cain Velasquez and No. 1 contender Junior dos Santos live at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT from the Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif.

The seven-year deal between the UFC and Fox, which runs through 2018, is an affirmation of the brilliant work done in the last decade by White and UFC co-founders Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta (casino, gaming and entertainment entrepreneurs from Station Casinos) in building a sport from the ground up.

The Velasquez-dos Santos match up is an interesting clash of styles, pitting Velasquez’s top line wrestling and awesome conditioning against dos Santos’ terrific boxing and underrated jiu jitsu.

The match up would have been a huge pay-per-view main eventer, but when he finally landed the network deal, White didn't hesitated to offer it as the first Fox main event. The show will essentially serve as a one-hour promo for the UFC, and there could be no better way to showcase the sport at its best than by putting the two top fighters in the sport’s marquee division on network television in front of the largest possible audience.

“This is a throwback to the old days of boxing,” White said. “We are putting a big fight – a huge fight – on free TV to expose this thing to a new audience. Our goal has always been to bring big fights back to network television. We are thinking long-term for the future of this sport. It is an investment in the future of the UFC. Fans that have never seen the UFC before will see this show, and that’s why we decided to put Cain and Junior in this position.

“I know for a fact this is going to be an awesome fight. I know it is going to be great. That’s why it was these two [fighters] in this position. I have no worries at all this is going to be a great fight.”

As its popularity has grown, the UFC has added a vast array of businesses. There is now a UFC video game, a UFC magazine and UFC-branded gyms. There are DVDs, trading cards, action figures, fan festivals and tons of clothing.

The turnaround that White and the Fertittas engineered with the UFC, which they bought for $2 million in Jan. 2001, is every bit as impressive as what Vince McMahon did with the old WWWE -Titan Sports, bringing it to WrestleMania and sports entertainment level.

White and the Fertitta brothers engineered a similar turnaround with the UFC. Less than five years into their ownership, they were $44 million in debt and on the verge of selling the company.

White, though, believed deeply in the sport and in putting on the best, most evenly matched fights he could. Then, he encouraged his fighters to compete in a fan-friendly style, awarding cash bonuses for Fight of the Night, Knockout of the Night and Submission of the Night. In addition, White often pays fighters locker-room bonuses, which are above and beyond what fighters are contracted to earn, if he likes their matches. Those bonuses have gone in excess of $1 million at times.

Making the best fights he could and rewarding the fighters who delivered entertaining bouts are key reasons for the UFC’s skyrocketing popularity and is largely what made the Fox deal possible.

The UFC flourished on cable. Its deal with Spike saved the company and helped it to get to the point where every major broadcast network had some degree of interest.

It’s still got a long way to go however. UFC fighters aren’t nearly as well known as stars in other sports or sports entertainment. No UFC fighter is close to WWE's The Rock, John Cena, Steve Austin or Impact Wrestling's Hulk Hogan.

White is banking on the Fox deal to help bring the UFC into the mainstream. Lightweight contender Joe Lauzon, who fought on “The Ultimate Fighter” reality show on Spike, is convinced Fox will propel the sport to the next level.

“This is just the beginning,” Lauzon said. “The UFC took a huge jump when they got on TV with ‘The Ultimate Fighter,’ [though] no one really understood how big of a deal it was until after the fact. Look how far the UFC has come with just Spike, basically.

“Now that they have Fox, and it’s going to take another tremendous jump. I think that Lorenzo Fertitta was saying it’s a commercial for the UFC. They’re going to use these Fox shows to get attention and funnel people into the pay-per-view.”

Prior to this deal, Velasquez would be preparing to defend his belt on pay-per-view. But White, 42, grew up in an era when there was still plenty of live boxing on television. He religiously watched fights on the weekends on ABC’s “Wide World of Sports” and during the week on USA Network’s “Tuesday Night Fights.”

The biggest stars in the sport competed in those fights. But when pay-per-view came along, boxing promoters took their stars off network television and put them on PPV, where they were fighting in front of a significantly smaller audience.

White never forgot that, and when he took over the UFC, he vowed that he would honor the “Wide World of Sports” tradition and put big fights on free television when he got the opportunity.

There are few bigger bouts than a heavyweight championship match. Velasquez, who defeated former WWE megastar Brock Lesnar 13 months ago to win the belt, is an unlikely star in many ways.

A two-time All-American wrestler at Arizona State, he is soft-spoken and polite and not the kind of person to draw attention to himself. But he’s a fierce fighter who has become a fan favorite because of his aggressive, entertaining style.

He was on the set of Fox’s NFL pre-game show and has made dozens of appearances as he’s prepared to face dos Santos. Seeing the growth of the sport up-close has been mind-boggling to him.

“I saw it growing because it’s a very fun sport to watch, and it appeals to a young audience,” Velasquez said. “I never saw this, though. This is well beyond what I thought would ever be possible.”

And it’s only going to get bigger. The Fox contract will expose the sport to many who haven’t given it a chance and will help White cultivate an entirely new segment of fans.

The UFC may never become bigger worldwide than soccer, as White predicts, but that’s hardly a problem.

The combination of a network TV deal and White’s firm commitment to putting first-rate fights consistently on Fox will guarantee that the UFC’s growth spurt is nowhere close to being finished.

Make no mistake, UFC is right up their with WWE and most say its already far surpassed professional boxing (while taking away legions of fans from the sweet science).

White and his UFC are on top of the world, right next to WWE's Vince McMahon, who he has deep respect for.


Wrestling News Media: Hogan, Flair, WWE, CM Punk, McMahon, Jim Ross, Cena, Rock, Kevin Nash... - 12th July 2011

Wrestling News Media: Wrestling Legends Update, WWE, Australia, Movies and more - 19th June 2011

Casinos To Host Pro Wrestling Talk By Hulk Hogan And Friends - 22nd May 2011

Pro wrestling legend Randy 'Macho Man' Savage dies in car accident, by Greg Tingle - 20th May 2011

Promotions and Offers

WWE Shop UFC Ring Divas WWN Live

WWNLive website

WWE Australian Tour 2011

Tickets are on sale Friday 28th January, opening at 9am via Ticketek. WWE has thus far named for the "World Tour" - John Cena, Randy Orton, Sheamus, The Miz and Wade Barrett.

Dates and venues:

Friday 1st July - Sydney (Acer Arena)
Saturday 2nd July - Melbourne (Rod Laver Arena)
Sunday 3rd July - Perth (Burswood Dome)
Monday 4th July - Adelaide (Entertainment Centre)
Tuesday 5th July - Brisbane (Entertainment Centre)


Wrestling News Media: Snooki, 'The Rock' and 'Mania: When Headlocks and Hollywood Collide - 1st April 2011

One is the queen of MTV's Jersey Shore; the other is WWE's resident Mexican aristocrat. One is famous for being perhaps the worst of the tanned, bouffant-wearing, gum-chomping Italian stereotype. The other invites fans' wrath with a wink and a smile as he drives the world's most expensive cars to the ring and insists on being introduced by his own personal ring announcer - in Spanish.

Only one entity - and one extravaganza - could bring these two very different stars together: World Wrestling Entertainment's 27th annual WrestleMania on Sunday. Snooki will participate in a six-person, inter-gender grudge match while Alberto Del Rio will vie for the World Heavyweight Championship in his WrestleMania debut. Both promise to thrill 70,000-plus screaming fans in Atlanta's Georgia Dome.

"It's going to be the peak of my career," said Del Rio, a native of Mexico. "My family, my entire country, is going to be proud of me because I'm going to go out there and become the new World Heavyweight Champion. I'm going to die out there trying to become the World Heavyweight Champion."

So what's behind the infatuation with WrestleMania? Why do fans come from around the world and dole out hard-earned money to watch this spectacle on pay-per-view? What is it about WrestleMania that makes fathers and sons and daughters jump out of their seats and grown, muscle-bound men in tights speak in hushed reverence?

Simply put, it is pro wrestling's greatest annual event. All wrestlers who grew up as fans dream of performing in it and look forward to watching it. Even in the choreographed world of professional wrestling, there is nothing staged about the emotion and excitement from anyone who performs at WrestleMania.

"As a kid, all I wanted to do was be a wrestler," said Del Rio. "Now that I'm here in WWE - WrestleMania is our NBA, our Super Bowl, our World Series of professional wrestling. As a wrestler, as a performer, I always dreamed of being in something like that."

For the fan, WrestleMania's appeal is as nuanced as wrestling's longtime popularity. Wrestling's magnetism goes hand-in-hand with the dawn of the television age in the 1950s, but WrestleMania took it to another level. It is a marriage of headlocks and Hollywood that began in 1985, when WWE Chairman Vince McMahon teamed up the charisma of Hulk Hogan and the diabolical lunacy of "Rowdy" Roddy Piper with the star power of Mr. T and Cyndi Lauper. (Credit: News Corporation).


Wrestling News Media: Shawn Michaels' Speech At WWE Hall Of Fame Induction 2011: 'Thank You' - 2nd April 2011

Thank you. ["HBK!" chant. "Thank you Shawn!" chant. Whoa! Some other chant.] The damnedest thing on my way to my Hall of Fame speech, a damn roast broke out. Thanks. I knew there was no way you was gonna say anything nice about me. For the 15 years we've known each other he never has, and he never will. He's like the Fonz trying to say he's sorry. [Muttering.]

I know how tough it was for you to say . That was a huge deal for him to even recognize that I worked in this line of work for 36 years. You're not aware of this, but we shared a big moment there. There's some psychiatrists going, "They're starting to heal."

I'm nervous, so don't give me cat calls. [Cat calls.] I've been going over what I'm gonna say. ["One more match!" chant.] You're killing me with the one more match thing. Seriously, I know it's good TV, he'll have a nervous breakdown. We sold out the building! He had a heart attack!

["We love you Shawn!"] I'm serious. For the love of God, help me out here. I don't even know where to start. You know there are things that go between ... I can't say, I'm not supposed to say. That's one of the reasons I was OK to retire. Coincidentally, this is the first year where we're not doing it live. They'll chop it up in post to make sure it's ok to air.

When I was 19 years old, I didn't want to be a sports entertainer. I didn't know at the time. I told my mom and dad, I want to do what those guys do it on TV. Making it was going to be going out in San Antonio and wresting in front of 25 people. Fast forward, and I'm a 45-year-old man, and I get to stand here and say thank you.

Along the way, I wasn't really aware of it. I was raised by a loving family, sitting right down here, who loved me every step of the way and supported me. But for whatever reason when I started doing this line of work at 19 I spent the next 26 years searching for validation. I don't even know why. But what my peers thought of me and what you thought of me was the most important thing in my life. And I worked myself into the ground. It was so important to me that you thought I did a good job. I know that sounds patronizing, but I want to thank you so much for giving me that.

I'm very thankful to all the other inductees and especially Triple H for making this fun and amusing. Because as much as I've tried to not make it a deep and heavy cry fest, I can't do it. There are no words to express how much I lived and breathed to do this every night for so many years. And it begs the question, how am I gonna be OK away from this?

Last Monday the Undertaker had mentioned Shawn Michaels will walk into the Hall of Fame with a ton of regrets. If this had happened in 1998, that might've been true. At that time, I was good at my job, but there's no way I could've stood here with no regrets. And although my family would've been proud of me, I know there would've been a little disappointment for them and a certain guy backstage whose name I'm not allowed to mention. [Crowd WOOs. Guy next to me says "RIC FLAIR!" I believe him!]

I came back in 2002 after being told I'd never wrestle again, for one more match. That was nine years ago. I'm thankful I can stand before you with absolutely no regrets. [Missed a part about God and his family. Sorry.] Since they came into my life, I've had not a regret. Not a second goes by that I'm not thankful. The most precious gift of all is my little family. I love you all so much, and I want to thank you for being so selfless and letting daddy finish what he started.

It was very important to me to come back and go away on my own terms. I love my two children more than anything in the world. Thank you so much for letting daddy go wrestle. [I have a daughter. Totally about to tear up.]

There are countless WWE superstars that I've had to create with. I'd love to mention everybody, but I don't want to make this too long. I don't wanna be that guy. [Crowd WOOs.] You guys are implying that. I'm not saying that. Every year there's somebody, and we're like, dude there's WrestleMania tomorrow. I'm gonna assume you know who you are.

Because I did my best to make sure before I left to tell you how awesome it was for me, and how much I appreciate you guys [makes crazy hand gestures] putting up with me when I wanna do something you don't do all that much. I appreciate your time and patience. I appreciate you being a part of my life. A lot of times all we've got is each other. We're like guys in a fox hole together. But when we're with each other, we're all we got. We can stab each other in the back, but can't nobody else do it.

I wanna thank you for allowing me to be a part of that fraternity. We're always gonna look at everybody else and say you're not gonna understand it. And that's OK. It's something we're gonna take to our graves.

And lastly there's all of you. The WWE universe, the fans. I love every one of you, even when you bother me at 5 in the morning, even when I cuss you, you still come back and forgive me. You have been a part of my life and family for so many years, it begs the question, why would a 19-year-old kid from a wonderful upbringing seek validation from strangers?

One thing people used to always say that separated me is that I could make a connection with you. I don't know if I did a good job, but for the last 26 years whether you were connected to me I have no idea, but I was connected to you. I have never won Most Popular, I wasn't the prom king, I wasn't the homecoming king, so I guess in my adult life the most important thing to me was that you believed in me and thought I was good. On this night, 2011 Hall of Fame, I feel it, I thank you, I love my ring. And I love each and every one of you.

I know this has been sappy. I can't help it. And if you're not down with that, I got two words for you. ("Suck it!" from the crowd.)


WWE News: Jim Ross new blog on WWE Hall of Fame & announcing future, Daniel Bryan interview on Miz, Cena, cattle mutilation
(Credit: Pro Wrestling Torch)

By James Caldwell, Torch assistant editor

-- WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has published a new blog on discussing this year's WWE Hall of Fame class, Paul Orndorff's cancer revelation, historical Royal Rumble events, his announcing future, and other topics in the news.

On the Hall of Fame: "I hope that the class does have a WCW/Atlanta feel but the class will likely be 6-8 inductions tops. Plus, WWE will want to not over do posthumous inductions if at all possible."

On his announcing future: "Have I called my last event in any thing? I hope not and that's not my plan but my broadcasting work may not include regular WWE work but something outside the genre." Ross said he feels he's a "long shot" for the Univ. of Oklahoma announcing job, but he's "not retreating" on pursuing his dream job.

-- WWE U.S. champion Daniel Bryan has an interview with Jon Waldman of Slam Wrestling covering a variety of different subjects from his first year in WWE.

Bryan said he would have liked to have learned more from The Miz on Season 1 of NXT, he hasn't seen his infamous 2003 Velocity match against yellow-pants-wearing John Cena "in years," and he won't use the Cattle Mutilation submission on TV.

On possibly wrestling Cena again: "I thought it was a good match and it gets me excited because I know we both progressed in our careers and if we ever got to wrestle again it would be really good."

On not using Cattle Mutilation on TV: "I didn't really believe the Cattle Mutilation would get over with the WWE Universe, and the reason why is because it's such a TV-oriented product. There are a lot of downfalls to it. You can't see the other guy's face, and on top of that, it's very difficult to do it to big guys; I don't have long arms."


Tough Enough Returns, by Greg Tingle - 7th January 2011

WWE officially announced on Monday that USA Network has ordered ten episodes of the "Tough Enough" series beginning Monday, April 4, the night after WrestleMania 27.


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