News media, social media giants and content creators battle for eyeballs, hearts, minds and advertising budgets

News media, social media giants and content creators battle for eyeballs, hearts, minds and advertising budgets

Publishers and broadcasters all fighting for a piece of the pie

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Facebook and Google are primarily advertising based companies despite bells, whistles, smoke and mirrors

News Corp's newspapers are primarily newspapers delivering news stories and advertising. News Corp also has a number of other business interests including 21st Century Fox which is strongly tipped to be getting sold to Disney (who also purchased Marvel Entertainment for billions years ago)

WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) in talks with Disney about potential sale since late 2017

Social media commentators and influencers are dime a dozen

Insta models internet saturation; Insta models promote one of more swimsuit and bikini line offerings. Is Instagram and Instamodel fatigue setting in as Insta models are over exposed

Media Man agency agrees with billionaires Rupert Murdoch and Marc Benioff; Facebook and Google must be reigned in; Too many small to medium size businesses have been extremely adversely effected by new media duopoly; Time to Australian government to intervene and new laws to be passed. May contain elements of protectionism for Australian businesses taking a page out of the playbook by Donald Trump; Make Australia Great Again. Network Ten bought out / bailed out by CBS. Channel Seven culls staff January 2018. Australian Regional newspapers such as Rural Weekly pulled out of Alice Springs circa 2016. Diminished income for traditional and new media publishers in Australia. Facebook and Google have approximately 80% of the advertising market taking money out of the pocked of Australian based media and advertising agencies. Urgent intervention required for Australian federal government in January 2018

Article in progress

Advertising Agencies enjoying success working with Media Man agency for both ads and creative campaigns: Media Man Int and Media Man Australia online showcase

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Sponsored content advertising and promotion campaigns vs organic - natural search results; A media and new media overview

Cafe and Espresso Bar friendly creative war for customers in Sin City Sydney heats up

Rupert Murdoch pushes Facebook to pay news publishers for their work - 23rd January 2018

World must 'wake up to threat' posed by Google, Facebook, warns billionaire - 24th January 2018

Australian websites for Australian based companies, brands and personalities

Poker and online poker battles for industry supremacy heats up: Poker News Daily vs on one front; World Series of Poker vs World Poker Tour vs Aussie Millions at Crown Melbourne and other start-ups

Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash vs Monero vs Ethereum; A perfect storm of cryptocurrencies; Australia-wide, American, Japanese and Korean / Chinese implications

If Facebook wants to recognise 'trusted' publishers then it should pay those publishers a carriage fee similar to the model adopted by cable companies. The publishers are obviously enhancing the value and integrity of Facebook through their news and content but are not being adequately rewarded for those services - Rupert Murdoch (News Corp)

Big will not beat small any more. It will be the fast beating the slow - Rupert Murdoch


World's leading social media channels based on number of active user accounts as of August 2017:

Facebook: 2,047,000,000 users
YouTube: 1,500,000,000 users
WhatsApp: 1,200,000,000 users
Facebook Messenger: 1,200,000,000 users
WeChat: 938,000,000 users
QQ: 861,000,000 users
Instagram: 700,000,000 users
QZone: 638,000,000 users
Tumblr: 357,000,000 users
Twitter: 328,000,000 users
Sina Weibo: 313,000,000 users
Baidu Tieba: 300,000,000 users
Skype: 300,000,000 users
Viber: 260,000,000 users
Snapchat: 255,000,000 users
Line: 214,000,000 users
Pinterest 175,000,000 users


Internet is like electricity - James Packer (Crown Resorts)



Mark Zuckerberg, founder and chief executive officer of Facebook. Yet to comment on Murdoch's suggestion for Facebook to pay for news content


Google is primarily an advertising services based company who has been very cleaver to develop others arms of the company. Not without a few hits and misses. G-mail has been a bit hit. Blogspot has enjoyed mixed success.

G O O G L E dress as worn by Pamela Anderson

Crown's Aussie Millions Poker Championship has done a deal with Twitch and apparently YouTube


YouTube: Broadcast Yourself!


YouTube Gaming


UFC Fight Pass


Google Box is free advertising exposure on television for Google



Marvel Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. keeps the Marvel name on television in between movie blockbuster releases and also pushes Marvel branded merchandise



News, advertising, media and promotions; Australia-wide and global developments

Sponsored content advertising and promotion campaigns vs organic - natural search results; A media and new media overview

Search engine war just about over; Google vs Bing vs Yahoo! vs Web Wombat vs Altavista; Who or what was that?

Newspapers vs Online Newspapers vs websites vs social media, YouTube et al

Online newspapers; News apps way of the future, says Media Man agency - September 2017

Stand out from the pack via photography, events, publicity stunts, ambush marketing and just being different

Online Advertising That Gets Seen By The Target Audience, News Media and Social Media / Digital Influencer Pack

Greg Tingle Art and Photography Brand Launches - 2018

Media agency giving back when and where possible - 2018

Lingerie online and retail wars; Australian and international battle for the bedroom dollar

Apple, Facebook and the dawning of a new age in capitalism - 14th January 2018

Disney streaming service muscles up to Netflix - 22nd December 2017

Cafe News Media Facebook Launched by Media Man group



Promote your sports, extreme sports, combat sports, pro wrestling, MMA, surfing, eSports, gaming products via Media Man network

Australian internet, advertising, publicity, exposure and media solutions via Media Man Int and Media Man Australia


Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, cryptocurrency, Blockchain buzz all the rage at Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast; Fool's Gold or the real deal?

Bikini, swimsuit, lifestyle bloggers and influences gone wild online: Instagram, Instamodels, Facebook fashionistas

Gaming event promotions - Media Man Int and Media Man Australia showcase online

Gold Coast campaigns via Media Man Int - Media Man Australia

Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise tourism hotspot, population and busy lifestyle, hotel and events industry sectors mean great business opportunities; Media, publicity, promotions etc al

News, advertising, media and promotions; Australia-wide and global developments

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson was in a hard place 'but got through it'

Journalism vs PR (public relations), with advertising in the mix

Movie trailer promotions; Good, bad or indifferent for mover goers, critics and the business of film making

Will Richard Branson's Virgin Group enter the video on demand - streaming media business ala Netflix, or stick with space race?; Sam Branson's Sundog Pictures may be well positioned to enter documentary streaming sector says Media Man agency

Media agency sees big growth potential and future in niche sectors; Local business, Blockchain, bitcoin, movie promotion, video games, sports and art

Niche media, marketing and media campaigns the way to go says Media Man agency

Bitcoin Sydney: The ultimate Bitcoin business networking meetup; Bitcoiners unite: Novice to experts to Talk And Trade Bitcoin: Metropolitan Hotel, Sydney, Australia; Bitcoin ATM Launch Party

Domain vs vs PurpleBricks vs Local Agent Finder media, marketing, advertising and online battle continues

Google eyeing up Australian and international property sector; Bitcoins as down payment

Putting a new spin on an old sales pitch

Book review: Sticky Fingers describes Rolling Stone founder's dirty deeds - 12th January 2018

Bikini, swimsuit, lifestyle bloggers and influences gone wild online: Instagram, Instamodels, Facebook fashionistas

Streaming websites - Media Man favorites

Podcast Favourites of Media Man Int and Media Man Australia


BitStarz Casino: The online casino that trades in Bitcoin

Bitcoin News Media Facebook launched and open for business via Media Man Int and Media Man Australia

Setting up the TV | Netflix Family

News, Publicity, Promotional Opportunities via Media Man

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USI-Tech: Automated bitcoin mining and trading platform


Advertising makes the world go around in most commercial business models



Know no boundaries. The Sydney Morning Herald

Movie Trailers

The Post

Citizen Kane

Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas


James Packer themed cartoons by John Shakespeare - The Sydney Morning Herald

Richard Branson comics and cartoons


Illustration by David Rowe (The Australian Financial Review)


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